All-in-One Swimming Pool Designs and Permits

Building a pool? Go from ideas to construction in one step!
Our $999 Pool Package includes design, plans and permits.

1. Design

Select a design from our library, or we can custom-design your pool (extra fee).

2. Engineering

We prepare the required structural drawings and engineering plans.

3. Permits

We obtain all necessary permits from your city, and mail you the documents.

$999 All-in-One Pool Package

What's Included?

  • Your choice of one of our Standard Pool Designs

  • Engineering Calculations & Structural Drawings

  • All required Building Permits

What's Not?

  • Permit fees charged by the city

  • Certain cases which require additional structural details (read more about these exceptions)

  • Customized designs (available for an additional fee)

How Does It Work?

  • Step 1 - Design Consultation

    Select a standard design from our large of pool designs, available in a variety of styles and shapes.

    We can also custom-design your pool and spa, along with the outdoor patio, fireplace and surrounding landscaping (additional fee applies).

  • Step 2 - Site Measurement

    We schedule an appointment to measure the construction site and collect information for drawing plans and getting building permits.

  • Step 3 - Plans and Permits

    We prepare structural calculations and plans, and obtain building permits from your city's Planning and Building & Safety department.

  • Start Building Your Pool!

    You receive the plans and building permits in the mail, ready to begin construction!

Standard Designs and Options

From vanishing edge pools to all forms of artificial rock features, we have a standardized structural detail to cover anything our clients can conceive.

  • Vinyl Liner Pools
  • Vanishing Edges
  • Caves and Grottoes
  • Water Slides
  • Beach Entries
  • Artificial and Natural Rock Features
  • Upslope, Downslope and almost every possible surcharge condition
  • Plus, standardized plans for Decks, Retaining Walls, Fireplaces, Wood Patio Structures and more.

Custom Design and Engineering

Looking for a custom pool design?

We can custom design, engineer and get permits for any pool you can imagine: unusually shaped and specialty pools, vanishing edges, artificial rocks, as well as appurtenances like fireplaces, decks and patio covers.

Contact us for a custom design quote.

Plan Check and Inspection

The building permit process can, at times, be a frustrating experience. The submittal of plans and the subsequent plan review by the permitting agency can lead to pages of confusing corrections that must be addressed prior to issuance of the building permit. At Pool Engineering, Inc., your plan check corrections that relate to our work will be handled in an efficient and timely manner, that will save you time, money and frustration. In most cases you’ll be assisted with this difficult task AT NO EXTRA CHARGE. This is simply one of the MANY benefits of Pool Engineering Inc. in addition to providing your structural plans. In the case of job site inspection corrections from a building inspector, if there is any need for clarification regarding our structural plans, feel free to call us immediately, right from the back yard, and we will be glad to advise both you and the building inspector on the spot.

The Fine Print

Additional Structural Details

Certain conditions require additional structural details and calculations. Contact us for a custom quote for such cases:

  • Pools located on or near slopes (both ascending and descending)
  • Pools located adjacent to retaining walls
  • Pools located less than 3 feet from adjacent structures
  • (including patio covers)
  • Special features such as waterfalls, artificial rockwork, slides, grottos, vanishing edges, etc.
  • In some cases, a soil report may be required for construction of a swimming pool. This report may require additional structural details depending on the soil conditions at the proposed construction site.

Plot Plan

Your site plan should be drawn to scale (usually 1/8 inch = 1 ft.) and include:

  • Location and dimensions of the property lines.
  • The pool and pool equipment location relative to the property lines
  • and main structures including the residence on the site.
  • Basic dimensions and shape of the pool, including depth.
  • Special features such as waterfalls, streams, slides or grottos .
  • Location in the pool/spa of skimmer(s), lights, access steps,
  • benches, main drains and any other relevant features.
  • Location of utility meters such as gas and electric.
  • Lot conditions including the location of slopes, and how close the
  • pool/spa will be to either the top of a descending slope or the "toe" or bottom of an ascending slope. Lot conditions should also include the location of any retaining walls, fences or walls and other structures such as patio covers including their footings and their proximity to the pool structure.

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