Permit Services For The Construction Industry

Let us navigate the complexities of local and state regulations so you don't have to.

We expedite building permits for contractors, engineers, and architects across California. Outsource your permitting to a reliable partner dedicated to your success. Ensure your applications are prepared accurately and processed quickly. Get regular updates to stay informed at every step. Keep your projects on track and within schedule.

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Complete Permit Acquisition Process

We provide a comprehensive service that takes your project from application preparation to inspection.

  1. 1
    Documentation Compliance

    Compliance with building codes is the foundation of our service.

  2. 2
    Application Preparation

    Accuracy and completeness are essential for timely processing.

  3. 3
    Submission & Processing

    The path to approval needs steady coordination with agencies.

  4. 4
    Status Updates

    Successful execution depends on effective communication.

  5. 5
    Fast Turnaround

    Speed in delivering results sets us apart from the rest.

  6. 6
    RTI & Inspection Support

    Our guidance continues even after permit approval.

Competitive Rates For Unmatched Value

Reap the rewards from our affordable pricing that delivers exceptional value and benefits.

Cost-effective solutions are vital in today's fast-paced construction landscape. By partnering with us, you're not just paying for permit processing but unlocking significant time and cost savings for your business.

  1. Don't Waste Time

    Reduce the time spent with government agencies. The hours saved from avoiding lengthy holds on calls, endless emailing, and waiting in lines can be invested in driving your business success.

  2. Avoid Delays

    Minimize the risk of setbacks by ensuring compliance right from the start. Uncover and handle potential issues ahead of time to keep your projects on schedule and prevent expensive delays.

  3. Stay Updated

    Leverage our knowledge and experience to accelerate turnaround. Get timely and clear communication about feedback, changes, or corrections. Make informed decisions for steady project progress.

  4. Focus On The Business

    Achieve cost savings and enhance productivity by delegating permitting operations to us. Concentrate on your core business, boosting efficiency and increasing profitability.

Permitting Pioneers Since 2010

We are leaders in permit expediting dedicated to serving contractors, developers, architects, and engineers across California.

Our mission is to simplify the complex and tedious process of obtaining building permits. Over the years, we have honed our craft and expanded our reach, becoming synonymous with dependable permit acquisition.

  1. Expertise And Experience At Your Service

    Our team of seasoned professionals brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. We understand the unique challenges and requirements of different projects. Our commitment to staying abreast of the latest regulations and building codes enables us to offer unparalleled support to our clients. We pride ourselves on navigating local and state laws, ensuring every project meets all compliance standards.

  2. Client-Focused Solutions For Accelerating Success

    Our strong network of relationships is at the heart of our success, allowing us to expedite the permit process effectively. Our service is always client-centric, providing tailored solutions that align with each customer's needs and goals. We always aspire to deliver a smooth, hassle-free permitting experience for every project. We strive to be your trusted partner in turning projects into reality quickly and consistently.

Serving All Of California

Our comprehensive coverage spans every jurisdiction, county, and city in California.

Our vast network and in-depth understanding of local and state regulations enable us to offer comprehensive permit services across the Golden State. With California Permits, you have a partner with statewide reach, ready to navigate California's many diverse and demanding permitting requirements.

  1. Alameda County
  2. Alpine County
  3. Amador County
  4. Butte County
  5. Calaveras County
  6. Colusa County
  7. Contra Costa County
  8. Del Norte County
  9. El Dorado County
  10. Fresno County
  11. Glenn County
  12. Humboldt County
  13. Imperial County
  14. Inyo County
  15. Kern County
  16. Kings County
  17. Lake County
  18. Lassen County
  19. Los Angeles County
  20. Madera County
  21. Marin County
  22. Mariposa County
  23. Mendocino County
  24. Merced County
  25. Modoc County
  26. Mono County
  27. Monterey County
  28. Napa County
  29. Nevada County
  30. Orange County
  31. Placer County
  32. Plumas County
  33. Riverside County
  34. Sacramento County
  35. San Benito County
  36. San Bernardino County
  37. San Diego County
  38. San Francisco County
  39. San Joaquin County
  40. San Luis Obispo County
  41. San Mateo County
  42. Santa Barbara County
  43. Santa Clara County
  44. Santa Cruz County
  45. Shasta County
  46. Sierra County
  47. Siskiyou County
  48. Solano County
  49. Sonoma County
  50. Stanislaus County
  51. Sutter County
  52. Tehama County
  53. Trinity County
  54. Tulare County
  55. Tuolumne County
  56. Ventura County
  57. Yolo County
  58. Yuba County

Accelerate Your Permit Acquisition Process

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